Relaxing Car AC Repair in Crowley, TX

Keeping You Cool

Here at Crowley Tire And Auto Service we know it gets in the surrounding areas. When we opened up over 18 years ago, we knew that having a very in-depth knowledge of car AC systems would be a must for any member of our staff. High temperatures of the summer months here in Crowley, TX really show us how much people care about their AC systems. Nobody likes getting into a hot car and rolling the windows down can only do so much. The professionally trained ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians here at our shops are here to have your back and keep you cool. The high-level training of our staff paired with the specific equipment at our shop is sure to accurately diagnose the fault in your system and have your AC system blowing cold in no time. Bring in your car today, no matter what make or model, and let us help you out with your automotive service.

The shop we have here in Crowley, TX is known to provide quick, quality service to each and every one of our customers. Our friendly, knowledgeable experts are here to give you honest advice and help you make the best automotive decisions. Many people come asking us, “I put more AC refrigerant in my car, why isn’t it working?” The belief that you AC will start working again by simply adding more refrigerant is a common misconception. This procedure could fix your issue but is definitely not a guaranteed fix. This should not be done unless it is certain that it will fix the issue. Overfilling the AC system of a car could result in serious damage and failure to other components and can be very dangerous to your safety as well. When it comes to AC systems, we strongly recommend seeking a trained professional. We recommend this because, in order to safely work on an AC system, the person must have a strong understanding of it and to have the right tools. Only a trained professional knows how to safely work on an AC system and will ensure both its oil and moisture levels are correct. The experts we have in our shop can definitely help you out with your issue so come to see them ASAP!

So if you noticed your AC isn’t working properly and seem to be burning up in your vehicle. Give us a call today and have one of our professionally trained, ASE certified technicians give your car the AC repair it needs. Our shop here at 101 East Main Street Crowley, TX 76036 will be sure to assist you with the best service around Crowley, TX. Give us a call today at (817)-440-3074 or fill out our easy to use online scheduler to be seen by your local professionals.