Premium Brake Repair in Crowley, TX

Stop By The Profesionals

The staff at Crowley Tire and Auto Service has been keeping drivers around the Crowley, TX area safe in their vehicles since 1999. Aside from tires and fluids, brake components are also a part of any vehicle that will need replacing sooner or later, no matter how well built the vehicle is. These components are essential to keep you safe in your vehicle by allowing you to stop when you need to. Our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified experts are more than capable of performing brake repairs and check-ups on all makes and models, whether it be domestic or foreign. The years of experience and professional training our staff is equipped with allows us to ensure that our jobs are done well and that we fix the problem the first try. Come into your local shop today and get your brakes back to one hundred percent.

As said before, the brakes are essential parts in keeping you safe and maintaining them is a must. The brakes can be generally thought of as a few main components such as either the rotor or the drum, brake pads, calipers, the master cylinder, and the brake lines. Whenever you are driving and push the pedal to stop, the master cylinder actuates the master cylinder, providing hydraulic pressure to the calipers which press the pads onto the drum or rotor. This process is what makes sure you stop when need be. Most vehicles today use brake discs known as rotors to receive the friction of the pads, but the drum system is yet to be obsolete and is still very common. The brake pads and rotors the components within the braking system that will most often need replacing. This is because, during braking, they will rubbing against each other at high speeds and high pressure. Common symptoms of a faulty brake system are screeching or grinding noises while braking, an abnormally soft or hard brake pedal, uneven back pressure on the pedal, and various others. If you have noticed any of these symptoms or are worried about your brakes, do not hesitate to contact us today and get your car back working safely.

After miles of braking, your pads and rotors will wear down, have grooves, or be chipped in spots. The calipers and master cylinder should last longer but it is possible to fail. Come to see the locally trusted automotive expert on 101 East Main Street Crowley, TX 76036 to get your brake service done by professionals. We here at our shop use quality parts, service our cars quickly and carefully, offer a variety of competitive warranties and offer our services at prices you can afford. Come by, call us today at (817)-440-3074 or simply use our easy online scheduling service to book your brake job today. We know you’ll be satisfied with the excellent service at our shop and we’ll be satisfied knowing you’ll be leaving our shop with a strong braking system.