Accurate Wheel Alignment in Crowley, TX

Keeping You Safely On The Road

Crowley Tire and Auto Service is your go-to shop for your next wheel alignment in Crowley, TX. Routine maintenance of the alignment of your vehicle is essential for ensuring your tires are at peak performance. A misaligned vehicle can not only lead to uneven tire wear but can also affect both ride quality and even fuel efficiency. A few signs of a misaligned vehicle are uneven tread-wear, a misaligned steering wheel, pulling to the left or right, odd vibrations, and a variety of others symptoms. If you have been experiencing any of these, or have never checked, then come to visit the professionals here at 101 East Main Street Crowley, TX 76036. The professionals here will make sure you receive the best performance out of your tires before you know it.

Our experts use state of the art technology combined with years of experience to ensure your tires are at their full potential. Steering and suspension components all partake in keeping your tires aligned and should be checked regularly. Yes, the parts are strong but they can still be bent or broken by curbs and potholes. The basic elements keeping your wheels aligned are the camber, caster, and the toe angles. The camber of a wheel is the amount of tire tilt from a vertical axis when viewed from the front of a vehicle. Variation of this angle can affect corner handling and in turn affect the way the tires wear. Come to see us today and make sure the camber on your vehicle suits your driving needs. The caster is known as the angle between the steering axis and the vertical axis when the vehicle is viewed from the side. Keeping this angle positive, or keeping the steering axis in front of the tire, can affect both handling and ride quality. A positive caster angle allows a vehicle to automatically straighten itself out after a turn, keeping you straight and safely on the road. Finally, the toe angle of a pair of wheels is the angle in which the tires are pointed in relation to the center of the vehicle when viewed from above. These angles determine whether your car pulls left, right, or stays going straight when not being assisted by the driver. Having a strong toe angle can immensely shorten the longevity of a tire and decrease the safety of your car. Come check us out today in Crowley, TX and get your wheels aligned properly!

Here at Crowley Tire and Auto Service our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians are more than capable of performing your next wheel alignment. Our professionals know that wheels should be aligned when tires are rotated, when steering parts, suspensions parts or tires have been replaced and routinely. We are also a provider of some of the best quality tires just in case you need a fresh set. Come in, call us at (817)-440-3074, or schedule an appointment online today to get your wheels aligned quickly by professionals at competitive prices.